Our project management service is designed to help clients achieve complete peace of mind throughout every phase. Our project co-ordinator will take responsibility for day-to-day management of each and every scheme, ensuring that each step is completed on time and within budget, with full traceability for the entire project.

In our capacity as Project Manager/Project Co-ordinator, our initial task will be to establish a detailed project execution plan/programme, starting with consultant appointments through to completion of the scheme. It will make allowance for each task along that journey to ensure that it is fully considered, and that sufficient time is allocated. This will establish a baseline programme that then informs the client of the likely timeframes and allows us to measure the progress against. By clearly defining the programme from the outset of the project, the expectations are set for all members of the project team meaning they are working towards a fixed date for delivering their aspect of the project.

Throughout the design stages, the programme will be reviewed regularly to assess if the team are achieving their deadlines and to ensure that the project maintains good progress. Where there is slippage in the programme which cannot be controlled or mitigated, such as delays to the planning process, the programme will be updated and where possible, rescheduled, to redefine the dates.

The construction stage programme will be defined by the contractor and it will become their responsibility to maintain the progress on-site in accordance with the programme.

Contractor selection is therefore an important factor in ensuring that the programme is maintained. Firstly, the contractor needs to have the relevant experience to be able to fully consider the complexity and intricacy of the construction activities and sequence them appropriately.

Secondly, they will need to have the in-house resources to properly manage the process; the office-based resource such as buyers, programmers, contract managers, surveyors, estimators etc are just as important in this process as the site-based staff undertaking the construction works.

Thirdly, they need to have an equally able and flexible supply chain who can properly resource the works and react to the site requirements and activities.

Finally, their financial security, credit availability and cash reserves etc need to be such that they can cashflow the monthly costs they will be incurring if the programme is being maintained.

If Modus are also acting as Employer’s Agent, we will hold monthly progress meetings with the contractor team to review and assess progression of the works against the programme and will highlight and report any issues we identify. At this stage there is a limit to the influence or control we have in maintaining the programme, however, there are contractual mechanisms that can be used to incentivise the contractor and it is therefore key that these are properly considered when the contract conditions are being drafted.

If you’re looking for support in managing your next construction project, contact us with a few project details and we’ll get back to you.