It’s the summer holidays and the perfect time for a clothing de-clutter!
Throughout August 2021, Modus will be partnering with Hope for Tomorrow collecting clothes to raise money for their new East Kent Mobile Cancer Care Unit (pictured below). A brand new unit costs £270,000 and has a 10 year life span. 
To run a unit for just one day costs £198 and is able to provide treatment for 20 people. Hope for Tomorrow receive £250 for every tonne of clothes they collect, meaning every bag counts towards their £7,000 a year maintenance cost.
The charity’s Mobile Cancer Care Units (MCCUs) help patients to fit their treatment in to their lives, not the other way round. Aligning with Modus’ current healthcare and NHS construction projects, the charity works closely with NHS Trusts across the country, bringing their fleet of MCCUs into the heart of the community.
We’ll be opening up our offices to the public on Mondays and Fridays, 8am – 5.30pm throughout August to drop off sacks of unwanted clothes.
For specific requirements on what the charity can accept, please visit and pop us a message to say you’re dropping by!